martes, 9 de febrero de 2010

Theree modern-day heroes.. =)

Hello…! this article is to present a small part the life a great woman who while still alive was an example for all the humanity…Death of Diana, Princess of WalesOn 31 August 1997, Diana, Princess of Wales died as a result of injuries sustained in a car accident in the Pont de l'Alma road tunnel in Paris, France. Her companion, Dodi Fayed and driver, Henri Paul, were also pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. Fayed's bodyguard, Trevor Rees-Jones, was the only survivor. An eighteen-month French judicial investigation concluded in 1999 that the car crash that killed Diana was caused by Paul, who lost control of the car at high speed while intoxicated and under the influence of antidepressants.
Main article: Death of Diana, Princess of Wales conspiracy theories
Although the initial French investigation found Diana, Princess of Wales had died as a result of an accident, the conspiracy theories persistently raised by Mohammed Fayed and the Daily Express suggested that she was assassinated. In 2004 a special Metropolitan Police inquiry team, Operation Paget, headed by the then Commissioner Lord Stevens was established to investigate the conspiracy theories.
A report with the findings of the criminal investigation was published on 14 December 2006. The inquiry was wound-up following the conclusion of the British Inquest into the deaths in April 2008.

This huge woman is and sera a great hero since I contribute in many beneficial works and I help without limitation and concerning estatus social or race…. if you wish to think she comments here.!

Love and paace..=)

lunes, 1 de febrero de 2010

Chage (UNIT 7)

I need a change....

These people want to change..=)

1.- I should lose weight.

2.- I'd like get a makeover

3.- I won't to stop drink coke

4.- I want a new car

Write sentences about yourself...

In my free time I like to study english, I'd like to go to italy someday, I like to watch discoverykids cuith my dauglher, I'd like to watch avatar, The place tourists I like to visit inmy city is la vereda del lago, I'd like to change the maracaibo's lake bridge..

Love and paace.. =)

martes, 26 de enero de 2010

Hello...!! Welcome to my Blog...!!! :)

My name is Ana Novoa. I have 25 years old and I like talk a litlle of my life.

I live actually in Ciudad Ojeda with my family, they are really fun. My husband's name is Jose Araujo. He have 27 years old, and my daughter hace 3 years old, her name is Debora Valentina Araujo. She is the sun of my house. She's very intelligent, Debora go to the kinder garden in the morning, and in the afternoon she's play all day with her dolls.

Actually I study at URBE. I have 3 years old in the university, I'm going in my 7 trimester. My favorites asignatures are mathematics and english.

I love music, playing soccer, surfing the net , studying English, hang out with my friends, stay with my family. I hate smoking, getting up early on the weekend, violence, war, injustice...

My dream is to travel to many cities around the world, and live in Italy with my family.

Well, this been a little bit about me. Now ,you know me a little better. Please, I want to make friends... Woul you by my friend?if you do... leave a comment....

Love and paace .. =))

Ana novoa

♥♥ Welcome to my blog :) ♥♥